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Table 8 A summary of preventative strategies showing significant reductions in CRBSI

From: Catheter-related bloodstream infection in end-stage kidney disease: a Canadian narrative review

Preventative strategy Details of impact
Mupirocin nasal eradication of S. aureus Reduction in S. aureus bacteremia
Exit site treatment (mupirocin/polysporin™) Reduction in S. aureus and MRSA bacteremia and exit site infection
Alternate locking solutions  
 46.7 % citrate [65] Reduction in bacteremia attributable to Staphylococcus spp.
Risk of cardiac arrhythmia
 Taurolidine-citrate [76] Reduction in risk of bacteremia attributable to Gram-negative spp.
 Recombinant tPA [66] Reduction in bacteremia while also significantly reducing catheter failure rate
Improved catheter hygiene technique [79]
(Additional chlorhexidine and 70 % alcohol at catheter hub/exit at start and end of HD)
Sustained reduction in incident bacteremia and intravenous antibiotic starts during 1-year follow-up