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Table 3 Multidisciplinary CKD Clinic staff opinions about things that could be improved in their renal programs

From: Canadian chronic kidney disease clinics: a national survey of structure, function and models of care

Suggestions for improvement (overall themes)
1 Request for more staff (or more time from existing staff) (nurses, nephrologists, experts, clerical staff, data leads, etc.)
2 Need for more space
3 Need for more/improved/standardized teaching or educational aids/tools
4 Need for better CKD clinic processes (better flow of patient referral, standardized guidelines, decrease wait times, offer telehealth, offer clinical pathway, timely insertion of catheters, better communication, team model, etc.)
5 Encourage home therapies, more dialysis options, support for dialysis for patients in rural communities, early identification of patients for home therapies, patient council, etc.
6 Early outreach/referral of patients, preventative programs
  1. Note that this is a list compiled from individual comments, and grouped according to themes.