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Table 1 Acceptable guideline target achievement rates by parameter, within dialysis units

From: Needs assessment: towards a more responsive Canadian Society of Nephrology Annual General Meeting (CSN AGM) program

Parameter Acceptable guideline target achievement rate (%)
Prevalent HD pts using fistulae >51.0
Prevalent HD pts using catheters <31.9
Prevalent HD pts monitored via Qa >68.4
Prevalent HD pts monitored via Recirc >39.4
Prevalent HD pts not monitored <15.3
Prevalent HD pts with sessional Kt/V >1.2 >71.4
Prevalent PD pts with weekly Kt/V (PD + renal) >1.7 >66.5
Prevalent dialysis pts; [Hgb] 100–120 g/L >57.5
Prevalent dialysis pts; tsat 20–50 % >54.8
Prevalent dialysis pts; [ferritin] 100–800 ng/mL >58.0
Prevalent dialysis pts; [Ca] 2.1–2.54 mmol/L >58.8
Prevalent dialysis pts; [PO4] 1.13–1.78 mmol/L >52.0
Prevalent dialysis pts; [PTH] 16.5–33.0 pmol/L >51.7
Prevalent dialysis pts; 0 in target <15.5
Prevalent dialysis pts; HgbA1c <7.0 % >44.7
  1. Abbreviations: HD pts hemodialysis patients, PD pts peritoneal dialysis patients, Qa access flow technique, Recirc recirculation measurement, [Hgb] predialysis hemoglobin concentration, tsat transferrin saturation, [ferritin] ferritin concentration, [Ca] predialysis corrected calcium concentration, [PO4] predialysis phosphate concentration, [PTH] parathormone concentration, 0 in target percentage of patients with zero mineral metabolism parameters ([Ca], [PO4], [PTH]) within the target range