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Table 5 Clinical quality-of-care indicators in patients presenting with S. aureus bacteremia (adapted from Cortes et al., CID 2013; 57, 1225–1233 [33])

From: Catheter-related bloodstream infection in end-stage kidney disease: a Canadian narrative review

Quality-of-care Indicator Definition
Follow-up blood cultures Repeat blood cultures performed 48 hours after antibiotic initiation regardless of clinical evolution
Early source control Removal of non-permanent catheter if suspected or confirmed source within 72 hours; exclusion of metastatic foci of infection
Echocardiography in patients with clinical indications Performance of echocardiography in complicated bacteremia or patients with predisposing conditions for endocarditis
Early use of intravenous cloxacillin for MSSA bacteremia Definitive treatment with cloxacillin (2 g IV q6h) within 24 hours of culture sensitivities. In patients on HD, cefazolin 2 g after each dialysis session was acceptable
Adjustment of vancomycin dose according to trough levels Trough levels obtained in all patients treated at least 3 days, with adjustment of dose to target trough level of 15-20 mg/L
Treatment duration according to complexity of infection Duration at least 14 days in uncomplicated bacteremia and 28 days in complicated cases