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Table 1 Incidence of CRBSI from select cohort studies of patients on HD

From: Catheter-related bloodstream infection in end-stage kidney disease: a Canadian narrative review

Country Incidencea Study information Reference
Canada 1.2/1000 Pt-days N = 527, half of the patients were new HD starts, the other half were continuing HD with access change. [1]
USA 2.5/1000 Pt-days N = 47, inpatients admitted to hospital [2]
USA 0.4/1000 Pt-days N = 445, outpatients, S. aureus bacteremia only [3]
Spain 1.6/1000 Pt-days N = 51, outpatients, monitored by surveillance culturesb [4]
Canada 1.6/1000 Pt-days N = 94, outpatients, tunnelled cuffed catheters, surveillance cultures [5]
  1. aIncidence values were converted from studies to patient-days
  2. bSurveillance cultures were blood cultures taken from catheter lumen or exit site at regular intervals and were repeated along with peripheral blood cultures when CRBSI was suspected