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Table 5 Coding definitions for demographic, comorbid conditions, and AKI characteristics

From: Validation of administrative database codes for acute kidney injury in kidney transplant recipients

Characteristic Database Codes
Age, sex, income, rural RPDB  
Race, time on dialysis prior to transplant, date of kidney transplant, type of donor, cause of ESRD CORR  
Diabetes mellitus CIHI-DAD/OHIP ICES derived cohort-ODD
Hypertension CIHI-DAD/OHIP ICES derived cohort-HYPERTENSION
Congestive heart failure CIHI-DAD/OHIP ICD9: 425, 5184, 514, 428
ICD10: I500, I501, I509, I255, J81
CCP: 4961, 4962, 4963, 4964
CCI: 1HP53, 1HP55, 1HZ53GRFR, 1HZ53LAFR, 1HZ53SYFR
OHIP fee codes: R701, R702, Z429
OHIP diagnosis code: 428
Coronary artery disease CIHI-DAD/OHIP ICD9: 412, 410, 413, 414, 4292, 4295, 4296, 4297
ICD10: I21, I22, Z955, Z958, Z959, R931, T822
CCI: 1IJ26, 1IJ27, 1IJ50, 1IJ54, 1IJ57, 1IJ76
CCP: 4801, 4802, 4803, 4804, 4805, 481, 482, 483
OHIP: R741, R742, R743, G298, E646, E651, E652, E654, E655, G262, Z434, Z448
OHIP diagnosis code: 410, 412, 413
Stroke/TIA CIHI-DAD ICD9: 430, 431, 4340, 4341, 4349, 436, 435, 3623
ICD10: H341, I630, I631, I632, I633, I634, I635, I638, I639, G45, I629, I64, G45”, H340, I600, I601, I602, I603, I604, I605, I606, I607, I607, I609, I61
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease CIHI-DAD ICD9: 491, 492, 496
ICD10: J41, J43, J44
Chronic liver disease CIHI-DAD/OHIP ICD9: 4561, 4562, 070, 5722, 5723, 5724, 5728, 573, 7824, V026, 571, 2750, 2751, 7891, 7895
ICD10: B16, B17, B18, B19, I85, R17, R18, R160, R162, B942, Z225, E831, E830, K70, K713, K714, K715, K717, K721, K729, K73, K74, K753, K754, K758, K759, K76, K77
OHIP diagnosis code: 571, 573, 070
OHIP fee code: Z551, Z554
Peripheral vascular disease CIHI-DAD/OHIP ICD9: 4402, 4408, 4409, 5571, 4439, 444
ICD10: I700, I702, I708, I709, I731, I738, I739, K551
CCP: 5125, 5129, 5014, 5016, 5018, 5028, 5038
CCI: 1KA76, 1KA50, 1KE76, 1KG26, 1KG50, 1KG57, 1KG76MI, 1KG87
OHIP feecode: R787, R780, R797, R804, R809, R875, R815, R936, R783, R784, R785, E626, R814, R786, R937, R860, R861, R855, R856, R933, R934, R791, E672, R794, E672, R813, R867, E649
  1. Abbreviations: RPDB Registered Persons Database; CIHI-DAD Canadian Institute for Health Information Discharge Abstract Database; OHIP Ontario Health Insurance Plan; CCP Canadian Classification of Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Surgical Procedures; CCI Canadian Classification of Interventions; CORR Canadian Organ Reporting Register; TIA transient ischemic attack; AKI acute kidney injury