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Table 1 Baseline and ongoing data collection

From: Inhibiting the progression of arterial calcification with vitamin K in HemoDialysis patients (iPACK-HD) trial: rationale and study design for a randomized trial of vitamin K in patients with end stage kidney disease

Baseline data age, sex, ethnicity, height, target weight, waist circumference
  dialysis start date, cause of ESKD
  type of dialysis access
  medication use
  hemoglobin, albumin, Kt/V, urea reduction ratio, lipid profile
  calcium, phosphate, PTH, alkaline phosphatase
  vitamin K status (phylloquinone, PIVKA-II, osteocalcin)
Monthly data Hemoglobin, albumin, Kt/V, urea reduction ratio
  Calcium, phosphate
  Cardiovascular events and procedures
  Medication use
Q3 monthly laboratory data PTH, alkaline phosphatase, lipid profile
Q4 monthly laboratory data Vitamin K status (phylloquinone, PIVKA-II, osteocalcin)