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Table 1 Survey domains, questions and response items

From: An education initiative modifies opinions of hemodialysis nurses towards home dialysis

Survey domain Select questions Select response options
Nurse perceived barriers to home dialysis -(1) Peritoneal dialysis and (2) Home hemodialysis can be performed on patients with:* -No education after high school
-Limited home space
-Age greater than 70 years
-Large body mass
-Impaired cognition
-Poor visual acuity
-Poor motor strength
Home dialysis benefits -Do you feel home dialysis (HD or PD) or in-center hemodialysis is more preferable for the following:** -Reduced cost to patients
-Reduced healthcare costs
-Better patient survival
-Better patient quality of life
Ability/knowledge/skill to encourage home modalities - I am aware of home dialysis* modalities Not applicable
-I promote home dialysis to in-center HD patients*
-I am comfortable explaining home dialysis to patients*
-Promoting home dialysis will reduce employment for in-center HD nurses*
Perceived ideal modality mix -Given the current modality mix, in your opinion, what is the ideal proportion of patients that should receive each modality to maximize survival, wellness and quality of life?*** Not applicable
  1. *5-item Likert; Strongly Agree; Agree; Neutral; Disagree; Strongly disagree.
  2. **5-item Likert; In-Center Hemodialysis Strongly Preferred; In-Center Hemodialysis Somewhat Preferred; Neither Preferred; Home Dialysis Somewhat Preferred; Home Dialysis Strongly Preferred.
  3. ***Provided current modality mix: In-center hemodialysis 54%; Peritoneal dialysis 13%; Home hemodialysis 5%; Self-care hemodialysis 1%; Satellite unit hemodialysis 27%.