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Table 4 Multidisciplinary CKD clinic staff opinions about things that worked well in their renal programs: what worked well in the care of patients with kidney disease

From: Canadian chronic kidney disease clinics: a national survey of structure, function and models of care

What worked well in the care of patients with kidney disease (overall themes)
1. Starting new initiatives around conservative care as more people are choosing this option.
2. Developing in-house teaching and educational tools that are specific to their population/clinic
3. Traveling band of health care providers who provide outreach in the community for early CKD detection
4. The “buddy system” (dedicated nurse assigned to a patient who worked with the nephrologists) allows for greater interaction with the patient and builds trust.
5. A nurse-led telehealth clinic in a remote area allows CKD patients to stay in their communities while being followed by the multidisciplinary team in a large center.
6. Patient support groups (where patients support new patients)
7. Having a strong/well-resourced team of unit clerks and administrative staff at the CKD clinics play a large and important role in clinic activities.
8. Inclusion of CKD patients in QI project teams
9. Having a strong multidisciplinary team, dedicated and supportive staff, and good teamwork despite limited resources
10. Timely and appropriate vascular access
  1. Note that this is a list compiled from individual comments, and grouped according to themes.