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Table 1 Key characteristics of the multidisciplinary clinics

From: Canadian chronic kidney disease clinics: a national survey of structure, function and models of care

Referral criteria to CKD clinic
Referral criteria? 57/71 80.28%
eGFR cut off as part of the criteria? 35/57 61.40%
Management of patients nearing dialysis initiation
Policy whereby all patients assessed for home dialysis 52/71 73.24%
All patients offered dialysis modality education? 71/71 100.00%
Dialysis modality education
   During clinics visits or through educational materials 29/71 40.85%
   Group dialysis modality education (or combination) 42/71 59.15%
Decision to initiate dialysis made in conjunction with regular multidisciplinary team meetings 27/71 38.03%
Dedicated dialysis modality coordinator?* 23/71 32.39%
   Do they see all patients who are approaching the need for dialysis? 18/23 78.26%
  1. Note that there is variability in referral criteria and in dialysis initiation criteria.
  2. *Though individual nurses may fulfill this role in some centers.