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Table 2 Characteristics of renal program and policies for nephrologists in Canada who participated in the survey

From: An assessment of dialysis provider’s attitudes towards timing of dialysis initiation in Canada

Characteristic* N %
Regionally administered renal program 107 76.6
Group education program for patients starting dialysis 129 95.6
Multidisciplinary vascular clinic 115 85.2
Pre-emptive transplant program 119 88.2
Modality coordinator 94 69.6
Rounds where dialysis modality selection discussed 44 32.8
Physician reimbursement equal for all dialysis modalities 66 49.3
Higher remuneration fee for managing patients with severe CKD 9 6.7
Policy for timing dialysis in place at renal program 4 3.1
  1. Note: *The number of respondents for each question varied from 129 to 135; N number of participants responding Yes, % percentage of total respondents for that question.